A few days back, near our one construction house did their RCC molding. It was rainy time…

Sometimes you may also want to do your RCC molding during rainy times.

If that is the case, then what I recommend is…

Know when it usually rains.

Usually, rain comes during a specific time of the day in every area. It could be early morning or afternoon or in the evening.

Here in bangalore I always notice rain usually comes after 1PM onwards.

If that’s the case, then you can ask your building contractor to arrange a molding gang to set up their equipment on the previous day itself.

Because to setup itself it requires them 2 hours… If they do their setup the previous day, you can save that time on the molding day.

Ask the Gang team to come as early as possible during molding day. They usually come around 6:20 AM. As soon as they come, now they can immediately start molding work without doing any of their equipment setup.

Doing their equipment setup previous day like that can saves time which helps in finishing your mold as soon as possible.

If you finish your molding work 2 hours before it rains, your molding is safe, and you don’t need to worry much about it.

Keep this in mind that, The molding gang team always gives preference to bigger site first. So make sure they give your mold the highest preference during the rainy season.

If they come late, it won’t help you.

Your chances of mold getting caught in the rain will be much higher. If your mold caught in rain, it will be a mess.

If you start RCC molding at 6 AM, your chances of getting caught in the rain will be much lesser.

So plan properly during the rainy season.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t done ground floor mold yet, you need to check out my during molding time to avoid mishaps during molding time.