Just a few days back, one new building opening ceremony was there… 

As many might know, the new building work won’t be complete in most cases. And as always, the owner makes laborers work overnight for the last few weeks to complete the work before the opening ceremony.

The problem with working overnight is…

The work quality won’t be good whatever laborers do after 6 pm or after low light. 

Because they need to do work night time by arranging temporary lights. It’s simply a waste of time for laborers, and you, as an owner you have to offer special lighting arrangements for them to work. 

If already proper light arrangments are made, then it’s somewhat better.

It’s not only just about light.

You and the laborers were already tired by 6 pm. If you make them work extra hours for a few days continuously…

What kind of work you could expect from them?

Moreover, it will be costly for you in terms of labor cost.

Personally… I never allowed laborers to work after 6 pm. It’s not good for YOU and for laborers as well.

Only in very extreme cases I allowed it.