Hope everyone is done celebrating New Year.

I’m not much into celebrating special days, but this year was different. I celebrated my daughter’s FIRST year birthday. So I took a break for quite a few days. The good thing is, I don’t need to ask any Boss to take Leave as mine is Internet-based work. 

Anyway, I’m back now.

Currently, in our building, MS fabrication work is going on. I thought of sharing a small tip related to MS work.

Anytime you discuss with MS Fabricators for any work, all contractors give a different price based on the Materials used for the specific work. Not every contractor give full technical specification related to the task you ask for. 

Instead, they just tell Price.

When you specifically ask, then only they will tell. 

Ask and collect sample material they use for your work whenever you discuss.  

ms material guage checking

ms material guage checking

By doing this way, you will always see the material quality before finalizing. 

It’s difficult for an inexperienced user to identify 14-gauge or 18-gauge material. When you see the material, you will know what they show and what material they bring to do your work. 

If you notice any difference in the material shown by different contractors at that time you can ask the contractor - why it looks different? Which is better? Kind of question to clarify your doubts, and then you can make an informed decission.

So before finalizing contractors, make sure to collect or see the sample material, not just the Price quotation they give. You can use this tip for other work as well.