Subsidy for solar panels

Yesterday, I was talking about some good news regarding the solar panels thing.

Today, I’m sharing that news here.

The thing is… The government recently announced a Subsidy scheme for solar panels.

This is the right time to act if you want solar panels for your house.

Under the “PM Surya Ghar” scheme, the Indian government is giving a subsidy amount for solar panel installation in houses. After installation and verification, you can receive the subsidy amount directly to your account.

You can get a subsidy amount of up to 78,000rs.

Currently, you can get a subsidy for up to 3KW. If you need more capacity, then whatever the extra capacity solar panel you take, those don’t get any discount.

Which is still a good scheme…

I am personally planning to have solar panels in my home.

If I get it done, I will share it here.

I didn’t install a solar water heater for the second building because I planned to go with solar panels this time.

Now, at the right time, the government has announced this scheme.

If you are also interested, I highly recommend using this scheme.

You can find more information about this PM Surya Ghar scheme by visiting the below link:

Subsidy Structure:

I hope you make use of this scheme.

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