Hi, I’m P K Arun the guy behind this blog. I’m a full-time Internet Marketer.

P K Arun

Our family constructed 2 houses in Bangalore and I thought to share our house construction experience with this blog so users can avoid those common mistakes they do (we have done that and I don’t want our readers to do the same) while constructing their house.

Believe me.

If you are planning to construct your house for the first time, then I’m sure you will make many mistakes.

And, these mistakes would cost you in few thousands to lakhs easily.

Just by following our advice and tips that we are going to share in this blog and email newsletter your chances of making such mistakes would greatly reduce and save huge money, and headaches during your house construction process.

We have learned some lessons really hard way and I don’t want any user should have such a bad experience during construction time.

Did I forget? some of the mistakes are not even fixable?


It happened to us.

We have done it, and we cannot fix those even if we wanted to. If you know these common mistakes we make while constructing a house, you could avoid such mistakes.

Regarding Our House Construction:

We constructed our 1st house in 2018 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India (G + 2 Floors ), then in 2022 we did 2nd house construction right next to the same building (G+3 floors) and in the same year, we also did the remaining 1-floor construction of the first building.

So finally we constructed 2 G+3 floor buildings in Bangalore, and in this blog, I’m going to share all that experience.

Luckily, one of our dad’s friends helped in our 1st building construction (2018) process without their guidance it would be difficult for us to construct our house.

They guided us in each and every aspect of house construction and it really helped us a lot for sure.

I’m sure not all users will get such an opportunity during their house construction time. That’s why we decided to start this blog to share our house construction experience with all the readers.

We, me and my dad are the guys behind this blog who will be writing each and every article of this blog.

All the content is written from our own house construction experience.

We are not Civil engineers or contractors. We are just casual users who go through our house construction which helped us to understand better how house construction works.

We will be sharing each and everything we learned, mistakes we did, things we forgot, etc., everything in this blog.

This blog is for Indian users who don’t have any house construction experience and planning to construct their own house soon anywhere in India.

Most of the article written here applies to Indian users.

I hope the articles in this blog will help first-time house constructors in India. If you need any more information or any guide, feel free to post a comment on that specific article, or contact us here.