During Festival Time… Things to Keep in Mind

If anytime big festival comes and there are few things happen during your house construction time.

1) shortage of labor

2) work will stop

3) prices will go up


Not for all festivals it happens. But during some BIG FESTIVALS, then those issues will occur.

For example, let’s consider “Ayudha Puja,” which happened on 4th Oct 2022 in Karnataka. 

Usually, during that festival here in Karnataka, all the work will stop for at least 3 days. Only few people will work on those days, like granite guys.

If you continue work, ensure you bring all the required materials in ADVANCE. 

Because on those festival time, you may face issue.

Here what happned to us on Ayudha Puja Festival…

We did know such issues would happen, so we asked the Granite guys, “how many cement bags do you need?” they said that 3 bags were enough to finish the work. 

So we bought 5 bags. 

After few days… 

Granite guys said, “sir, cement is over. Please order 2 more bags”. 

They told me that after 3 days of the festival. 

Now here the fun begins…

As I’m buying in low quantities, I’m unable to use my secret cement supplier, and I had to buy from a nearby cement shop.

When I tried to call cement shops, they were not responding to calls.. so I physically went to all nearby cement shops.

Shop 1 I skipped (where I lost ₹28K)

Shop 2 closed

Shop 3 closed

Shop 4 closed

Shop 5 was opened; when asked about cement.. he said, “sir, the main seller itself selling for ₹460 per bag (the normal rate is ₹390 and below), then how can I buy it, and whom we can sell that?” so told we don’t have cement now.

Shop 6… This is the final and last hope of buying cement for us. When we asked about Zuvari cement, they said sorry, we don’t have that brand, but we only have other local cement bags.  

We were left with no option. 

When asked about the price, he said, “₹490”. 

After the bargain, he agreed to “₹470“. That too for local cement brands. Imagine what it could have cost us for the branded cement.

cement price during festival time

We had no option, so we ordered 3 local cement bags. 

Why does it happen?

During such festival seasons, MOST laborers will be on leave… so  starting from Factory – supply chain issues will start. To reduce workload, all factories will increase PRICE to Reduce taking new orders. 

Things to keep in mind during festival seasons

Make sure you stock things required for at least 12 days from the festival time. If you are also planning to stop work, don’t stock materials like CEMENT. Because cement should not stock for a longer period.

And one more thing is, if your building came to the RCC stage, then make sure you finish RCC/Mold work before festival time so that you can do RCC curing work during the holiday. By doing this way, you will save time.

Ha… It would be best if you planned that in advance, like 30 days before. 

Because of festivals, all owners will be pressuring contractors to finish their RCC work, and because of that, Labourer issues will happen, and your work could be left pending if not pressured enough to your contractors. 

Plan and keep updating your Contractor to finish before the festival. 

There are a few things you cannot control. But a few things you can control, like buying cement from the right supplier, can save a lot of money. If you still haven’t got my guide.. go here to get it: 


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