We are human; we forgot stuff.  

At least it’s true for me.  

If I don’t write it down, I usually forget the stuff.

When doing your house construction, if you have any special requirements related to any job, I recommend writing them down.  

Because contractors/laborers don’t remember your special requirement what you have told them.  

They usually do whatever the standard process and leave your special requirement. If you also don’t remember your requirement, you won’t be able to implement it.

If you remember later and inform the contractor after the work is done, they oppose because it’s extra work to redo the same task.  

For example, Assume you showed the electrical contractor wifi port location when making wall cutting time. If you don’t tell them during wiring (usually at the end of construction), then electrical guys will wire electrical wire instead of your cat6 cable. And rewiring is not an easy task.  

To tell them your special request, you need to remember correctly.  

I use One Note app for this job. I write to all such requests in the mobile app, and If I feel something is missing, I open that app and check if I forget something to say.