Our painting labours painting our wall in the new building.

We alerted all our tenants to keep their belongings things to keep inside.

Everyone did so.

But we underestimated where and all paint can fall. 

When the work was going on…

I got a WhatsApp message from one girl saying:



Good morning

The paint is all over the scooter. If you had informed me, I would have moved it.

It’s all over the scooter.

On the seat and the body


This girl is our tenant.

She parked her scooty inside our parking space.

Painting work is going on the outside wall. Not anywhere in the parking.

Due to wind, when painters do painting work on the wall, paint fell on the vehicle.

Due to this, Her scooty got paint drops all over it.

After I checked the scooty, it’s a valid complaint.

Her scooty got too much paint on it.

I asked our labours what we can be done now?

Both labourers said it could be cleaned with NC Thinner. We will clean that like they informed us.

I asked them to stop the painting work and clean the vehicle.

They did so…

For both labourers, it took them half day to do the cleaning job.

So it’s a waste of our labour charge ₹900.

We cleaned and informed her to check once. I got a response saying, “Thanks..”.

What can you learn from this?

When doing any painting work, make sure to ask painters where and all paint can fall…

Do you need to move any vehicles?

The paint doesn’t fall just below the painting area… It can fall in nearby areas as well due to the wind.

So make sure to move or cover them with a tarpal.

Or else you will be wasting your time fighting with others or wasting your painting labourers to clean the painting drops.

So you decide what you want.

Meanwhile… while editing this email, I accidentally fell my cup of tea over my desktop keyboard. :)

Accident happens. Be prepared for it.