At around 2:44 PM today, I got a call from my current Broadband service provider.

While working in my Home office, I picked up the call confusingly. I said Hello… 

On the other end, “Sir, this is ISP (Internet Service Provider) support. We need to visit your home”.

I asked, “Why now?.”

ISP guy, “You raised too many support tickets, so we need to visit.”

All those issues were already addressed 1 month before itself. I haven’t raised any new tickets, and I don’t have any issues either. Why are you visiting now?

After discussing it with that guy, I said, “Okay, no problem. You can visit.”

I sent him my home GPS location on WhatsApp.



Meanwhile, I was thinking why they are coming….

For doing spot inspection?? Hu..???

I’m already sharing my connection with two building tenants, LOL. I was a little bit not okay with them coming and seeing a lot of connections on my network switch.

I immediately called my brother Avi; he was also confused. He told me to switch off one network switch and close one network box.

I did the same.

Meanwhile, this ISP team guy showed up in front of my house, and he asked, “Sir, I need to take a Router Photo.”

Me: “You only need to take, or I can take and give 😉?”

“You can also take and give me, sir, no problem.”

I took a photo and showed him. He said, “Ya, sir, it’s fine.”

He asked, “Where’s the box, sir?”

It’s in Terrace. He also went there to take a box photo and left my home.

Me… 😀


Finally, I understood they didn’t come here to check the number of connections.

Even after sharing my connection with 11 unit tenants out of 16 units, I still have not yet crossed 2.3 TB of data usage per month.

It’s still not a huge consumption in any manner.

I raised Rent and offer free internet service to all new tenants these days.

It’s a saving for our tenants, and we make more ₹₹₹ per unit.

If you have rental units in your building, implement an Internet service option in your building.

If you don’t have a rental unit, I recommend implementing a wired internet connection to all the rooms for better speed.

I shared more details in my Internet Everywhere Guide if you want to know how to implement the Internet in all locations without loosing speed.