Toilet waterproofing is a new trend. As and when technology develops, new products will come to market to solve problems.

One such thing is Toilet Waterproofing.

In Toilet waterproofing, they clean the surface and paint the flooring with a waterproofing solution. 

That paint forms rubber type when it dries. In that way, it prevents water from passing through it. 

We built 2 buildings. In the first building, we were unaware of it; the product was not popular then, or the product had not yet launched.

So, we didn’t get an option to do toilet waterproofing then. 

When we were doing the second building, our plumber informed us about Toilet waterproofing. 

If we hired a waterproofing team, it would cost more. 

At my dad’s friend’s house, they did the toilet waterproofing with the waterproofing team. I guess it cost them ₹3,000 per toilet. 

So we decided to do it with the help of our building contractor labourers

We ordered 15 Kg Dr Fixit Toilet WaterProof solution. And we start doing it…

You can check the price in our house construction expenses in the Plumbing sheet. Search for “WaterProof” to see the price. 

We immediately noticed that a 15 kg solution is enough for only 1 to 2 toilets. 

We have 11 toilets in our building. We felt it was not worth doing it.

So we dropped the plan of doing waterproofing to all other toilets.

… and it’s not required in most cases.

Instead of waterproofing your toilet, I recommend doing a proper slope in the toilet. Fill tiles joints with white cement.

If you do an Acid wash, fill tile flooring gaps with white cement to fix water leakage.

If you follow this method, you don’t need to worry about those toilet waterproofing solutions in most cases. 


In our old building, we do have toilets. We never did any toilet waterproofing in those. 

We never faced any leakage issues. It’s been more than 4 years already. 

Based on understanding this fact, we never bothered doing toilet waterproofing in our new building.

People who don’t understand this stuff and who have enough money to spend usually do waterproofing.

Hope I enlighted the fact.

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