Suddenly 2 people came with our granite contractor to our construction house at 10 Am.

No, no… not a severe issue.

Our granite contractor… “Sir, they have to see our granite work. Please give me the building keys so I can show the work?”

My dad. “OK., here are the keys”.

They went to see the granite work and returned after a few minutes to give back the keys. 

All of them left now.

**After a few hours again, 4 Persons came back… **

When I saw those 4 people… I asked them what’s up? And they said, “sir, we need to check the granite work. Can we see that?”

Me discussing with my dad about 4 persons who came.. and he informed me that they came morning with our granite contractor, and now they came without the granite contractor with more persons to see his work. 

My dad told me, “Go and show them.”

I went and showed the room for them to see the work… 

After checking the work, they started asking questions about our Granite Contractor and his work with me. This time they asked questions without our granite contractor’s presence so that they could discuss better.

Our contractor did 2 more buildings in our location. They went there, saw the work, and discussed about our contractor in all those 2 buildings

**My thoughts? **

Don’t assume, and don’t listen to the contractor’s words. 

Please go and see the work and discuss it with the building owner. 

How was the contractor? How was his behavior, work, etc.? discuss feely with the building owner in the absence of a contractor.

Many of them feel shy to go and discuss with other house owners to know more about the contractors.

Don’t feel like that.

They are not the only ones who visited our house to learn about the contractor. Many of them came and discussed like this.

This is common. 

By doing this, you may feel a little discomfort for 1 day. If you give your contract to the wrong contractor, you will lose your PEACE and MONEY until the contract work is completed. 

We faced such an issue with our electrical contractor with our 1st building. We learned a lot of lessons from that incident.

Ha… Don’t forget to say “Thanks” to the owner you discuss. They spend their Time and Energy with you explaining about the contractor leaving all the work they were doing. 

Those 4 people never bothered to say Thanks also.

I was hungry and returned to our house feeling disappointed for spending my energy and time with them… As it was Sunday some SPECIAL dish 🍗 was waiting for me and felt relieved after having it.   

Not just that… Make sure to follow my House Construction Tracking System guide.