What you can learn from New Hospital Building?

A few days back, I joined Ramaiah Memorial Hospital (MS Ramaiah Hospital) for Kidney stone treatment.

There they have two buildings.

One is an old building, and another is a new building.

In both buildings, the same doctors treat, but the charges and facilities differ.

In the old building, they charge less for treatment, and in the new building, they charge almost/more than double for the same treatment.

We have decided to join the new building.

I don’t know about the old building facility and all…

But when I was admitted to the new building, I really loved the whole process inside the hospital.

I felt the hospital was much better than our house.

From time to time, good food, snacks, coffee, daily changing bedspread, etc.,

That much care and cleanliness they are taking care of.

Everything is very well planned and executed.

In the new building, when I was admitted, I noticed the whole building is very well done with LAN wiring…

In every corner, I was able to find LAN wiring.

All their devices are connected to a LAN for communication.

They never depend on wifi to do their internal communication. Instead, they use wired connections.

Yes, they have a Wi-Fi setup in every room, all open spaces, etc.; all are connected with a wired connection, not a Wi-Fi extender setup.

I believe they are also using some local server setup inside their building to manage all their data. You don’t need to be aware of this in most cases…

I recommend you set this up in your building, whether you know the LAN or not.

It just doing wiring inside your building.

When you have the Internet, you can easily distribute the Internet to all other locations in your house correctly.

This is something I teach in my Internet Everywhere guide.

Apart from the LAN setup, I noticed other stuff when I was in a hospital bed.

That is the electrical setup they did.

Excellent. Very well planned.

This is not something I notice in other hospitals. They don’t implement such stuff unless they pay attention to the user experience.

We didn’t implement this in our first building, either.

When we noticed pain, we implemented it when reconstructing our first building.

I shared those things and tips inside my Electrical Work guide at 5.13, 5.24, 5.25, 5.26 and 5.39. I also added an image in 5.24 for reference.

If you want comfort and a better experience, implement those stuff.

Like how the hospital learned some lessons from their old building and implemented all their learning in the new building….

I learned such lessons in my first building and implemented all of those in 2nd building and shared all such experiences inside my products.

If you want to learn such stuff, you should admit inside my world at:


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