Yesterday, I went to the BBMP office near my house to include my daughter’s name in the birth certificate.

This was the first time I went to that office.

The building outside looks like a king’s house. As soon as I entered inside, it was full of dirt & smell.

A lot of pigeons made dirt all over the building steps & walls. The smell inside the building itself completely changed.

It’s a non-maintained building.

I felt sorry for the staff working inside the building because of the horrible conditions that I experienced.

Now, it’s time for me to get my work done.

It was a smooth experience…

I asked them about the name inclusion form on the birth certificate. They immediately gave and guided me through the documents required.

I arranged and submitted all those forms.

Before leaving the office, I asked if there were any fees I needed to pay?

They replied ₹100.

I gave them cash and was waiting for the receipt.

Instead of giving me a receipt, they gave me a handwritten acknowledgement and asked me to come with that sheet and collect my birth certificate after 1 week.

I said okay and left the office.

After all this, I realised it was a bribe instead of government fees.

Even if I realised that time itself, I couldn’t avoid it.

If I tried to avoid paying… then I may need to visit the office 10 times instead of 1.

That’s my personal experience.

If your government office work is delayed, it is probably because of BRIBE.

Gave them get the work done faster.

Avoid them, and keep delaying your work.