In our first building, we kept 6-inch PVC pipes in the toilet and kitchen for ventilation and to install exhaust fans.

We installed a typical 6" PVC Vent Cowl for every pipe.

We installed an exhaust fan as well.

No issue for a few days.

Day by day, Pigeons started coming inside the pipe and started developing nests and eggs on almost all the pipes.

Because of the exhaust fan, pigeons were not coming inside. Instead, they are sitting inside the pipe daily…

We completely removed the power connection so we don’t accidentally switch ON the exhaust fan, which could also harm birds and fans.

If you switch on the exhaust fan and some bird nest items stop running the fan blade, the fan motor will get burned, and the fan will no longer work.

We knew this problem with the old PVC vent cowl caps.

We decided to try another solution instead of a regular cap this time.

But when we enquired about the nearby hardware store, they told us there is no alternative product with them apart from the regular product.

They suggested keeping some mesh inside the PVC Vent Cowl.

We tried it.

We tried many ways to make it work… but it didn’t.

So we started looking at some products online and came across this averX 6" Cowl Cover.

We are not sure if this will fit or not to the 6" pipe. So, we ordered 1 test product first to ensure it would fit.

Once the product came, we tried it. It fitted perfectly to the 6" PVC pipe.

But there is some issue with that cap.

The quality of chimney cover is not that good.

At least not as strong as PVC Vent Cowl.

If you roughly try to fit the cap, the cap will break.

This is one of the serious disadvantages I noticed with this Chimney Pipe Cowl Cover for Pipe.

We had no other option apart from ordering those.

It serves my purpose of not allowing birds to enter the exhaust pipes.

So we ordered averX 6" Cowl Cover for all our houses, including our old house and rental houses.

We completely removed previously installed old PVC Vent Cowl caps and replaced them with this averX 6" Cowl Cover.

While installing, a few caps got damaged.

We guessed it when we got the test product itself.

That’s why we ordered 3 extra caps. If any caps get damaged, we could use those extra caps instead of waiting for other orders to come.

If you are also planning to use the same vent caps, order 2 extra caps so you can use them instead of waiting if any of them are damaged while installing.

I recommend ordering this item before or after the plastering work is over.

After installing this product, we never had had birds entering inside pipes issues like before.

It solves our main issue.

If you also want to avoid birds entering your exhaust pipes, try the averX Cowl Cover for Kitchen Chimney Exhaust Duct Pipe (6", Grey) here.