They asked him to Pay TAX again, here’s why   

The day before yesterday, my brother and I went to pay property tax in the municipal office for the current year. 

We already learned a lesson by paying a Huge Penalty when we paid all old taxes at once. 

So from this time onwards, we decided to pay taxes on time. 

When we went office, it was fully crowded with Property Tax Payers. 

All employee’s only job is collecting TAX. 

I guess more than 5 persons collecting tax in the office.

If we pay tax in April every year, we don’t get a penalty (2% every month), and they offer a 5% additional discount on the billed amount. 

Because of this, the office is fully crowded with Property Tax Payers.

I guess the same rule applies to all similar concerned departments. I’m not sure. 

I recommend you to check with your concerned office once. 


While I was in the queue, some interesting thing happened. 

A guy was telling officers he had lost his last year paid Tax receipts. 

Officers ask for the previous year’s Paid tax receipts to pay the current year’s tax.

This guy now lost his paid tax receipts.

Guess what officials told?

They casually told them to pay the previous year (lost receipts) and the current year’s tax again!

LOL. 😀

I don’t know what that guy’s tax amount was. 

Ours for 1 building, per year tax came to around ₹15,528. 

Imagine paying ₹15,528 again for a simple stupid mistake?

I feel sorry for the guy who lost the receipt. 

Officers didn’t need an original receipt. 

At least if that guy had any valid proof of payment, he could have avoided paying his TAX again.

Finally, without arguing with officials, he paid his tax again and left the office. 

He didn’t even have a chance to speak to the officers because of the crowd. 

I guess this guy learned a good lesson. 

Similarly, In your house construction, If you also don’t keep valid proof of all transactions and communications, you may also end up paying again. 

If you don’t want to end up paying again. Learn how to prevent such issues here

If you have already bought, implement what’s thought inside. Never take that easily and ignore it. 

That guide alone saved us ₹9,500 in our case, plus the headache of solving such a problem with contractors, which is worthless 😇.