Granite or Tiles Wall Cladding?

Today, while I was going to our agricultural plot, I had to pass through my friend’s house.

Which is still in the construction phase.

When I saw the house, I immediately liked one thing. That is, the house’s front-side tiles work.

I only saw those tiles till I passed their house. It was that good-looking tiles.

They used 4*2 front elevation double-glazed tiles.

This is what I recommend you to use in your building. Not some boring granite wall cladding.

Many of them think granite wall cladding looks premium. And many of the users think premium…

Ya. It used to…

And still, expense-wise, granite wall cladding costs more than tile wall cladding.

But look-wise, nothing beats 2 by 4 tiles wall cladding. It simply looks and feels premium.

In our first building, we did granite wall cladding. I didn’t agree with the granite in the second building, so I went with 2 by 4 tiles wall cladding.

Tiles wall cladding looks premium, and granite looks dull now in our building.

These days, most houses go with tiles themselves. If your parents wanted to go with granite, guide them not to…

2 by 4 tiles always rock in wall cladding.

I’m talking about wall cladding. Not flooring. Don’t get confused.

When I say tiles, it’s always 2 by 4 tiles… Not smaller-sized tiles.

I really liked their front wall cladding look.

Whenever we came here, my friend always asked for suggestions or ideas related to his house construction.

Unfortunately, my friend is no longer with us now. He lost his life in an electric accident when he went to coconut plucking in his Agricultural land a few months back.

I miss him.


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