If you are planning to start your house construction soon and looking for a way to gauge your house construction expenses, then you are in the right spot.

Unlike many other sites, I’m not randomly calculating some expenses and giving you the house construction expenses calculator.

This house construction expense calculator is built based on our house construction expenses that we built in Bangalore from Nov 2020 to 2023.

It’s practical and real-life data.

We used a Labour contract. This calculator doesn’t include any interior work cost.

If you need to see the full price breakdown of how, where, and all we spent money on, check out Our House Construction Expenses.

Free House Construction Cost Estimator Excel Sheet:

In this Excel sheet, enter your site details like - Site width, Site length and Number of floors you plan to construct.

house construction expenses calculator

It will show the Estimated cost of constructing your house.

Please understand that. It’s an estimated cost and not the exact cost. It’s purly built on what it cost us to build our house.

It could be lower or higher based on what you use for your construction.

Every year, the price rises. I recommend you keep a minimum 4% price hike each year on top of the estimated cost.

If you need an exact cost quotation for building your house, I recommend you get a cost estimation done by an experienced engineer.

Your engineer will ask about your requirements and prepare your house construction estimation.

Our engineer gave almost 98% accurate construction estimation. It was that accurate…

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