A few days back, me, my wife and my 1.8-year-old daughter were going on a bike to a nearby shop.

Instead of going on the main road, we went on the inside road so traffic wouldn’t be there.

I usually drive my bike slowly… like 30km speed.

While going, if no traffic is there, I always look to the surrounding environment for inspiration. These days, it’s about building.

There was a new building. G+3 floor building.

While going, I noticed one mistake from far away…

That mistake is how they kept the Exhaust fan pipe.

They kept the 6-inch pipe without extra pipe outside the building wall to install a PVC Vent Cowl cap. I call it a air cap.

Possibly, they didn’t count 1 inch plastering while bringing pipe, I guess.

I may be wrong here…

If they don’t leave space next to their building, then whatever they did is right. If they have at least 6 inches of space, the owner made the mistake in the building.

Don’t make such a mistake.

The owner did a good job for birds to develop a nest inside the pipe. It’s soon going to happen.

If birds enter inside the pipe once, they cannot use the exhaust fan. Because bird nest will be there.

If you are planning to keep such a 6″ pipe for keeping the exhaust fan in the Toilet and Kitchen. In that case, I recommend you to remember the below dimensions.

6-inch bricks wall

1 inch inside plastering

1-inch outside plastering

1.6 - 2 inches to install PVC Vent Cowl cap

So you have to bring a 9.6 - 10-inch PVC pipe.

Never keep more than 1" inside the house while keeping the pipe.

If you mistakenly keep more length inside the house, you cannot easily cut that extra pipe on the inside wall. So remember well while keeping exhaust pipe.

There is no issue if you keep less pipe inside and more outside.

But never ever keep more inside, less outside.

Remember well.

Labourers only follow what you tell them. Only a few masons suggest best practices.

Not many.

I recommend using this PVC Vent Cowl cap to prevent birds from entering through exhaust pipes. Order early because it takes time to deliver.