I’m not talking about engineer building plan.. what I mean is, make sure you know what items to place in which location before you start building.

If you follow Vastu, make sure your design engineer follow Vastu. If you doubt, it’s better to consult other Vastu consultants before you begin your house construction.

It’s easy to fix in the design phase than changing the design during/after the construction phase.

Engineers follow standard design protocols, and they don’t consider your requirements during the design process. I highly recommend you to have enough interaction with your building designer before you finalize the building design.

For example, I need a wired LAN connection all over my home, and our engineer doesn’t plan and doesn’t have any idea about it. So I planned where I needed to place my switch, LAN wiring, etc. before building our house. It helped a lot, but I still missed a few things.

So if you have any such special requirements, make sure you plan it.

Your building engineer doesn’t bother minute details as much as you care about your house, so make sure you make all the effort to get what you want from your engineer and never settle if you are not satisfied with the plan.

If an engineer doesn’t give the plan what you like, then change the engineer. We did change one engineer because of the design issues.

You are the one who needs to ask a question, suggestion, and guides your engineer. They don’t bother asking you. They do what they wanted to do.

How to Plan your House Construction:

1) Don’t hurry: Never be in a hurry when you want to construct your house. Make sure you have enough time to discuss with your family and friends regarding your house project. If you start in a hurry, you may miss some good things to implement during the construction phase.

2) Discuss with your family members: I highly recommend you spend enough time with your family member and discuss what things to come in which place and why. One may have a better suggestion than others. Keep discussing until you get OK from all family members.

3) Discuss your requirement with the design engineer: Make sure you tell your engineer what you need upfront. Don’t shut your mouth while discussing it with the engineer. The more openly you explain your idea, the better they get what you need, and they try to implement it.

4) Focus on micro change requirements: Engineer doesn’t give attention to details in their plan. Make sure you focus on such things and ask them to change in the design phase.

Few examples:

Example 1: how will you bring broadband wire inside your home?

I have seen many them don’t plan such small details.. even my engineer bought his broadband cable through his window, and he now keeps his window always open because of this mistake. Don’t be that guy. Take time, plan for it.

Example 2: Fan placement

Many of them simple place fans in the center of the room, right?


If the room doesn’t contain any wall drop, then it’s right.

What if you got a wall drop on one side of the room? Your fan is no longer center now, and there is no use of the fan itself because fan air doesn’t come to the place you need the most.

Visualize what items come where before the design and construction phase, not after constructing your house.