Open Type Pump vs Submersible Pump

Today, I wanted to share an email about the sump motor.

In Mysore, I noticed most houses use a normal 1 HP Water Pump. The motor they keep outside the sump openly to pump water to the overhead tank.

There is nothing wrong with using Open type pumps.

We even have a open type pump in our native house. Where we use just a few times per year.

Anytime we switch on the motor, we don’t hear anything because of motor sound.

Here are a few things you should be aware of before buying Open type pump.

Cons of Open Type Pump:

1) Takes time:

These pumps take lots of time to pump water from your sump to the overhead tank. Generally, a 1 HP motor should take more than 1 hour to fill a 1500 ltr tank.

It’s that slow.

2) Loud Sound:

As you keep this pump outside, you will hear a lot of sound. In a brand-new motor, you won’t face that much sound. Once this pump gets older, you will notice a lot of sound. Almost 10X the sound of original motor.

You should be ok with that sound.

3) Not for more than the 2nd floor:

If your building is much higher than the 2nd floor, this motor doesn’t have enough capacity to pump water to your overhead tank.

4) Water refilling:

To start this type of motor, you first have to fill it with water. If the motor fails to start pumping water, then you need to put water again by removing the screw in the pump.

I noticed we have to do this more often in this type of motor. Which is quite an annoying process.

Pros of this motor:

1) Cheaper price:

This sump pump is cheaper than a submersible pump. This is the only advantage I noticed.

Pros of Submersible Pump:

We currently use this type of pump in our Bangalore house, which has G+3 floors.

This is the type of pump I recommend if you ask me.

There are many advantages if you use this submersible pump in your house. But it’s costly compared to the open-type pump.

Here are a few advantages:

1) Super Fast:

This submersible pumps water very fast compared to the open type of motor.

2) Works well for G+3 Floors:

If your building has a G+3 floor, then you need this submersible pump to pump water to your overhead tank. This type of pump fills your overhead tank much faster.

3) Less Motor Sound:

This motor doesn’t make much sound like an open-type motor. This submersible pump still makes sound… but it’s negligible.

4) No Water Refilling Problem:

For this submersible motor, you must fill the water inside the pump for the first time before starting the motor. The good thing is you don’t need to worry much once you fill water inside the motor.

Water won’t get empty like how the outside pump happens.

The only disadvantage I can find in the submersible pumps is they are quite costlier compared to open-type motors.

If you ask for my advice on which pump you should go for. In that case, if budget is not a problem, then simply go for submersible pumps.

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