We planned to do Gruha pravesh in November 2023. So now, preparation for Griha Pravesh has already started from yesterday onwards.

I’m going to update all the activities we do for doing griha pravesh here in this article.

This is the first step you need to do. Once your house construction work is already over or almost ready, you need to plan to do griha pravesh.

In our case, our construction work is already over by almost 10 months. We gave all the rental units to rent because our griha pravesh is postponed to November 2023.

Instead of keeping the rental property empty, we decided to give it for rent all the rental units, keeping only the owner’s house on the first floor.

We intentionally left some fitting work inside the owner’s house. Someone told Till Griha Pravesh that some work must be done in the house. So we paused our housework.

Only a few fittings were pending inside our house. Once it’s done, all the work will be over.

2) Visit your Astrologer/priest to fix the Griha Pravesh date:

Yesterday, we visited our Astrologer to get a date for our Griha Pravesh.

For 40 min appointment, he charges ₹1202.

This is the price in Bangalore.

If we had done the same griha pravesh date fixing in our native, we could have done it in ₹50.

But this astrologer is Super powerful. He did solve a lot of our difficult stuff easily…

So we went back to him to fix a date and to request to do our gruha pravesh pooja.

Yesterday’s gruha pravesh date fixing is already over. He is also available on those dates to do pooja as well.

So, date fixing and booking to do pooja are already done.

3) Write down all the names you need to call for the function:

Depending on how you need to do function, you need to start listing down all the persons you want to call for your griha pravesh.

I recommend you to list or write down names because you will be in a hurry when you plan to call people. And you will forget some names.

This is what happened in our first building.

So please write it down in a book as early as possible. When you start informing, you easily cross-check once you know you called all the persons you wanted to call for the function.

4) Gruha Pravesh invitation card:

Some prefer to call without an invitation card, and some call by giving an invitation card.

In the first building, we only called a handful of relatives to the guha Pravesh function, so we didn’t do invitation cards.

This time, my dad wanted to make an invitation card and needed to call more people, so we planned to use the invitation card to call all the people.

5) Choosing cook/catering:

If you call more than 30+ people to your house gruha pravesh, I recommend calling a separate cook to arrange food for all the guests.

Choose a good cook based on your friend’s recommendation.

We plan to choose a cook from our native place to prepare food in Bangalore. We are yet to confirm their availability on our function date.

The reason is… I liked their taste when they prepared food for our marriage function, so we plan to hire the same team now.

One more tip I recommend is to make sure you supply the cooking materials so the cook won’t compromise on the food quality just to save some money.

6) Start informing all the people:

This process takes time, energy and money. No one will bother to visit your function if you send an invitation card on WhatsApp.

If you want people to come to your function, you need to visit every house to call them manually.

7) Purchasing Dress, Saree & Gift items to visitors and You:

This is some tradition.

When people come to your function, you usually have to give the visitors some Saree to womens and good gift items.

Gift items depend on your capacity. We are planning to give some steel item.

8) Arranging Room for visitors:

If your visitors are coming from different places, then it’s your responsibility to arrange room facilities for all the visitors so they don’t get disappointed by your arrangements.

I recommend booking a nearby lodge for visitors who come on the previous day.

Some of the close relatives can stay in the new building itself. But if too many visitors came gruha pravesh the previous day, you need to properly arrange room facilities for all of them.

I recommend booking a room once your gruha pravesh date is fixed to get a discount and avoid room shortage at the last minute.

9) Vehicle Arrangement:

Sometimes, you may need to make vehicle arrangements to bring visitors if they are coming from different places.

It depends on you.

You can book a tempo traveller (TT) and arrange the same TT to pick up and drop from local lodges, bus stops, and railway stations. You have to talk about this before booking itself to avoid drama after booking.

10) Arranging Red bricks for doing Homa:

If you call any priest to do home while doing gruha pravesh, you must arrange red bricks do homa. Our priest told us to arrange 60 red bricks and some sand/msand to homa.

If you don’t have red bricks, ask your building contractor to arrange some.

11) Photographer:

If you need photos or video, then hire a professional photographer on the gruha pravesh day to take professional photos.

You can take soft copies if you don’t need an album. It will save cost.

Ensure you inform your photographer to give higher-resolution images required to make an album.

If you have higher-resolution images, you can make an album whenever you need.

Some photographers don’t give full-resolution images to customers to purchase albums from the photographers itself.

So clearly discuss with your photographer before you hire them.


These are all the things you need to do for the gruha pravesh arrangement. At least, this is what I will be doing in our function.

I will update you here if we did any more steps.