How this contractor stop work at the ending stage of construction

Yesterday, I shared about one contractor’s real incident that happened near our building.

I promised to share about this contractor story today… So, I’m writing this blog post.

This contractor’s house is near our area. And he did a few projects here.

One good thing about this contractor is that he always asks for low contract prices compared to the market rate.

So, people looking for a cheap contractor go with this contractor.

As far as I can see, his work is not that great.

Recently, he did two projects near our house. In both projects, he paused construction at the end stage.

In both cases, he demanded some extra payment, and when the owner denied he stopped construction.

In one case, the owner didn’t hire him back; instead, he bought other labourers and continued the project.

The new construction I discussed yesterday is none other than this owner’s building itself. He hired the same contractor again for his new project.

Ok,… coming to another case.

This incident happened at no other than our dad’s friend’s house.

At the end stage of his building construction, this contractor-asked for some payment. But the owner denied it, saying your budget is over, as they informed him.

Because of this, the contractor stopped their work in their building for 1 week.

After some other person talked with both of them and when the owner agreed to this building contractor’s new payment requirement, he started construction again.

After labour payment, he demanded 15 to 30,000 rs extra to continue the work.

After agreeing, he continued and finished their work.

In my dad’s friend’s case, If the owner didn’t pay any extra amount from the beginning, and now if the contractor demanded extra payment, then there is nothing wrong with it.

Even if it’s outside the contract budget.

Suppose the contractor collected any extra payments outside his labour expenses from the beginning. In that case, I don’t agree with demanding too much extra payment at the end stage of construction.

Ok. Whatever the case, Cheaper solutions always cost more in the long run.

That’s why while hiring and understanding the inside industry experience is very important when dealing with large projects.

I shared many hidden tips about building contractors inside my Building Contactor Guide.

Perfect guide for someone brand new to the construction experience.

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