We dug Road (Mud road) to put the cable from the Electric pole to our House. 

Our area Water Men came and saw and said - Sir; you are digging Road - did you took permission from authority? Or you will have to pay the penalty.

I said Nothing. I kept quite smiling at him.

After some time, he told you don’t worry.. you can do your work. No one will come and complain about it.

Did you know why he is OK with that?

It’s because two days before, we had conservation with him regarding taking water connection from Panchayath (Government Office). And as always, he asked for Something (Bribe), which is quite more than what they usually collect for new water connections in our area.

My dad opposed saying why we need to pay so much extra when we used to pay all government fees.

I controlled my dad.. saying, cool down.. I will speak.

I know if we said “NO,” they would create issues for many reasons and avoid giving water connection.

So I said “OK” to Extra. 

Imagine if we said No that time. What could he have done? 

Behind our House, he created a big drama for cutting “TAR Road” to take Power connection to their new House. No matter what the owner told him, he is not listening. 

He is calling more guys to come to the spot.. in fact, the house owner offered him a few thousand rupees, but he is not ready to accept that (maybe he could be expecting a little more?). 

After some time.. someone with their contact called and spoke to their concerned department and that time waterman kept Quite.

If that house owners don’t have contacts in government department, then they could have to collected bride to keep quite.

So you need to Cut Road?

If you need to cut the Government road, make sure you have proper permission from the correct department, or you may have to give bribes to keep them quiet. 

Bribe can go up to ₹50,000. 

Not just bribe, make sure while dealing with any government person behave softly… or else you may face many difficulties and spend money to get the work done. 

I recommend reading the “How to Win Friends and Influence People” book. 

It’s an excellent book for all users who deal with other people.

At first, you may feel a little boring while reading, but after reading a few chapters, you will enjoy reading it.

Once you implement the concept shown in the book, you will see many changes in your life.