Material Shifting Tips

If you are building a multi-floor building that is bigger in size, then shifting materials with manual labourers may not be the right solution.

In manual labourers, shifting materials takes time, and labourers easily get tired of climbing staircases.

I sometimes feel it is an inhuman way to do work. So we went with material shifting with Gang.

It saves time.

Me and my dad on roughly calculated which is cheaper… but on some rough calculations, both expenses came the same.

But in material shifting, we find few advantages…

1) Saves time

2) No need to worry about watching labourers whether they are doing work or not

3) Faster process

4) Not inhuman

5) In some cases, you can save money as well


If you shift concrete blocks, some blocks will get damaged due to rough handling by labourers.

You should properly cure mould before using the gang team. Because all the materials will shift at once.

You will be stressing brand new RCC with excess load… so you should keep that in mind. 

If unsure, you can consult your engineer or building contractor or go with manual shifting.

In my opinion, shifting materials with a machine/gang team is the best option to go for.

You can use them for –

1) Blocks/Bricks shifting

2) Msand/Psand Shifting

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