The day before yesterday, while I was reading a book on my Kindle at 1 Am, suddenly, one picture came to my mind.

Our ground floor RCC slab/mold could have collapsed during molding day due to a centering/shuttering mistake.

As soon I remembered this incident, that time I learned how I could not have shared this story yet? So here I’m sharing that real incident.

That happened during our second building’s ground floor molding time.

Molding work started as per the plan. Everything going smoothly…

After 70% of the concrete work was done, everyone noticed some strange behavior on the roof where the concrete work was going on.

Anytime they pour concrete on that particular spot the area was bend, and concreate was going down within a few minutes.

At first, people on the roof were ignored a few times.

When the issue repeatedly happened at that location, my dad, who was also standing on the roof and monitoring concrete work, informed me to inform the centering guy to check what was going on below the roof at that spot.

I came to inform the centering guy but noticed something strange…

Centering guy standing exactly below that spot and struggling with something all alone.

His facial expression indicates something is seriously wrong. His face is filled with so much of sweat and fear.

That time without informing anything to him, I updated my dad on what was going in the ground floor.

He immediately came down to see what was going on.

When my dad saw the incident, he understood what went wrong and called all the laborers on the ground floor for help.

All came immediately and tried to help.

But due to mold weight, no matter how many people tried to help, the problem couldn’t fix.

Soon my dad realized it couldn’t be possible in human power and asked to immediately bring one TOOL.

After getting that tool, my dad fixed the problem in a few minutes.

Everyone of them took a deep breath once it was fixed.

If, on that day, my DAD and that TOOL were not there… I don’t know what could have happened to our ground-floor mold.

It could have something seriously gone wrong. That’s what every one of them talking about there.

If you are not done with ground floor mold yet… and want to know what happened, how we fixed it, and what I learned from that incident, I have written a mini-guide.

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