Yesterday, my brother went to the bike service centre to show some issues with my bike.

As it was a little far… he handled such stuff. If it’s near, I handle it.

The showroom guys suggested some other problems while checking the bike.

Whatever the other issue they suggested it cost us - ₹9412.

So what should we have done?

Repair or take back the vehicle without fixing the suggested problem by the mechanic?

If we had taken back the vehicle, we could have saved ₹9000 temporarily. We also could have used the bike for some more days without issue…

But the consequence of not fixing it could be larger later.

One or the other day, we have to fix those issues.

Similarly, when building your house, ensure you follow all the best practices in the beginning stage. 

Or else you may have to fix those issues later, or you may have to look for alternative solutions because of such mistakes.

I learned a few such lessons in our 1st building and fixed those lessons in 2nd building.

All such lessons and some tips are shared in my products.

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