Cut call. 

Our old cook acted like he could not hear my voice and cut the call.

For the past 2 days, I tried to reach him. He is doing the same kind of acting repeatedly.

This time, I got confirmation that he was intentionally acting.

I got up from my chair and went to the hall to inform my dad.

My dad: Okay.

Me: For the second building, I was feeling happy thinking this time, none of the contractors played any extra game because of following my house construction tracking system. While we were feeling good now, this cook cheated us ₹8,000.

How flawlessly he cheated us.

There are a few mistakes we made in his case I guess. This is the second time we have dealt with him, so we trusted him so much he collected all the cash up front, saying he needed to give advance to labourers & sweets shops.

We believed him so much and gave advance payment.

He collected ₹8,000 advance payment, and on the function previous day, he was not reachable.

His phone always says it is switched off till our function is over.

After the function, I tried to reach him, but he started acting like he wouldn’t be able to hear my voice. Same acting all the time.

After losing ₹8,000 from this cook contractor, I had to update a few rules on my house construction tracking system.

Check out 15,16 and 17th points in the Summary section of the House Construction Tracking System.