My mom liked this Housewarming Return Gift

My brother went to one of their relative’s housewarming function a few months back. There, they give one big steel bowl.

When my mom saw that gift, she immediately liked it—and praised a lot for giving such a good gift.

After a few months, when our housewarming time came, my mom asked how much that bowl cost and where they bought it from the house owner’s relatives.

They enquired the house owner and replied, “It cost around ₹100 per bowl, and we bought it from a friend’s shop.”

After hearing the price, my mom was shocked.

That’s so good for the price.

We also initially planned to get it from them. But later we decided to buy ourselves.

Initially, we searched on Amazon.

We didn’t get them for that price range of similar quality bowls.

So… we decided to try it on Chikkapete to buy such bowls.

When we went to Chikkapete, we took one of our relatives who is very well aware of Chikkapete shopping.

He knows most things about Chikkapete.

He is a regular shopper in Chikkapete, so he knows a lot of shops and shop owners very well.

When our time came to buy Steel bowls, he took us to one shop. We asked them to show steel bowls.

The shop owner showed small size bowls first.

Our relative asked, “Do you give this item like ____?”

They said, “Yes.”

Ok then. We need bigger bowls…

As per our request, they showed the product, and after, my dad calculated how much each bowl cost us…

It cost around ₹61.

Now we felt happy… We finally got a similar price range of bowls. That too good quality bowls.

We never thought we could buy steel bowls like this before. It happened because of the experience of our relative.

If my dad and I went to buy them, we are sure we could never ask such questions to the shop owner…

Thanks to our relative. He directly saved us almost 50% of the cost by asking that question.

Inside my Housewarming Function, I shared — what he asked, how you can buy them like us and the shop location we bought.

You don’t need to shop in the same shop.

You can buy from other shops in Chikkapete as well. I don’t know about other steel shops in your location that offer this type. So I cannot guarantee about it.

Suppose you are ready to go to the same shop or ready to shop in Chikkapete. This tip will be helpful for you.

View the #1.7 section on my housewarming function guide to know more.

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