When you are ready to apply for a temporary connection, your electrical contractor usually asks how many kilowatts you need, or sometimes they even suggest recommended kilowatt that is required for you.

Whatever the case, my suggestion is never to apply below 2 KW.

The reason is…

If you apply below 2KW and labourers must use 2 machines simultaneously, the temporary meter will automatically trip if the load exceeds the taken load.

To make it work again, you need to reset the meter.

Sometimes we can reset ourselves; other times, you may need contractor help to fix the problem.

Your labourers cannot use power itself with just a 1 Kw load.

In such cases labourers what they do is… they connect the power directly, bypassing the meter.

If your time is bad and BESCOM vigilance caught such thing, you are gone.

They don’t touch less than ₹10,000 bribe.

Local engineers and your electrical contractor cannot help in this case because they don’t even know themselves.

I personally know 2 cases they caught near our house itself.

I suggest a 2 KW load if you are not using borewell water for construction work. If you use a borewell, consult your electrician on how much load you need.

The more load you take, the more amount you pay.

Ask your contractor. They will guide the temporary connection latest price details.

We took a 2 Kw load and didn’t have much issue while building our house.

Here and there, our meter is still tripping when it records excess load.

That’s all for today.

P K Arun

P.S. Taking a temporary connection is the easiest part, but you should be aware of a few things for a permanent connection. I explained all those points in my electrical work guide’s 4.9, 5.56 & 5.57 sections.