Today our building pending painting work was going on…

At around 2:30 Pm, my mom and I were playing with my 1-year daughter in my mom’s room…

My wife came and informed me, “Appa (DAD) is calling you… come”

I asked why?

I don’t know, come…

I went to our house backside and noticed – my Dad and one Painting laborer had some normal verbal fighting going on…

I asked my Dad what had happened.

My Dad replied, “I was telling him to work instead of speaking in a phone call… and he is not ready to listen.”

Talk between him, my Dad, and me where going on regarding his work style.

After some normal to mild verbal fights with that laborer… we conclude that he is not coming to our building work again.

He also agreed.

We also agreed.

It’s a WIN-WIN for both of US.

That laborer then continued his painting work normally from now on…

This is not the first time we had this issue with this painting laborer… it’s the second time.

Last time we also had the same issue… “having phone conservation while doing work.”

When we reported this laborer to our painting contractor first time, he said it wouldn’t happen again.

But now, the same complaint again.

The problem with this laborer is…

While working, he continuously speaks on the phone for 30min to 45min.

When we asked not to speak while doing work, he says I’m also doing work like that he replies.

The problem with this type of laborers is… they are not just lazy in working but also spoil other good working laborers in the work environment.

As soon as you see this kind of BUGS in your building work… make sure you prevent such bugs/laborers from coming to your building.

I again reported this laborer to our contractor… he also took our side in this matter and agreed not to send him to our building.

Oh… Just for your information 

“Our Painting is a contract work.”

That means we give a Fixed amount to our contractor, and they finish the discussed work within the budget. 

Whatever the Profit or Loss… it’s on the Contractor.

That means… if laborers are not properly working, it’s a direct LOSS to our Contractor. 

Not Ours.

Then why do we still monitor laborers?

Because… when the contract goes out of discussed budget, it’s a loss for the contractor. 

And Contractor won’t pay from his pocket. 

What most contractors do is… they just stop the work and ask for more payment, or if the owner refuses to pay extra, then they just move from this contract work. 

So finally, who will be the loss? YOU. 

Never assume its contract work, and it’s the contractor’s job to finish the work within Budget. 

You should be more responsible than your contractor. 

one more thing!

If you have these issues with your laborers, it’s OK

The thing you should remember is you shouldn’t have any kind of issues with your contractors. 

You should always handle conversations with your contractor with care and strong backup of what you say 😛

We learned our lesson in our first building and started using a house construction tracking system to protect us as much as possible.