During the Big Indian Sale, I ordered almost ₹50,000 products from Amazon.

This time, it was a little confusing to take product delivery. The reason is Amazon was sending multiple orders in a single box. We cannot know what items in the box are coming.

This is the first time I experienced such a thing.

I used to know what products were being delivered today, but how many boxes are coming and in what box it is coming is something I won’t be able to know.

As soon as the delivery agent handed over the boxes, I needed to check on the Amazon order page to find out which products were marked as delivered today. I need to verify all those products are available in the box that are delivered on that day.

It was really confusing, for sure.

One day, I took a delivery from an Amazon delivery guy. I opened the Amazon website to check how many products and what all the products were delivered.

When I compared that delivery with the Amazon site, I noticed one product was missing, but on the Amazon site, it is showing delivered.

This is the first time I experienced such an item missing from the past 10+ years of online shopping.

It’s around ₹1,000 worth of product, so I didn’t bother much. Moreover, I already saved more than that amount by buying online.

Without worrying, I raised a complaint on Amazon support. They requested 5 days for investigation, and I’m ok with that. They told me to call after 5 days to know the complaint status.

I called the Amazon team after 5 days and got good news from the team.

The investigation is over, and I won the case. I will get a refund from Amazon to my original payment mode, as the Amazon team told me.

I told No. I need the product.

So, the Amazon support team placed an order on my behalf, and I got the missing product.

Amazon missing item reordered

Amazon missing item reordered by Amazon support team after investigation

This is why I recommend Amazon over Flipkart.

Flipkart’s return or replacement process is a little headache. I have dealt with them once, so I only shop with them when I cannot get the product on Amazon. I recommend the same as well.

Some of the products I recommend buying for your house are added at:


I will keep updating that post with new products that I buy.

98% of the above-listed products I bought myself. Rest 2% of the product I would buy online if required.