Water overflowing from the sump

Water running on the main road.

The house owner was inside the house. They are not aware of what’s happening outside…

I saw this today while I was returning from our first house to the second house through the backside door after my breakfast.

It’s happening in dad’s friend’s house.

As we knew of them, I informed my dad to call and inform the uncle.

He called and informed them about water was overflowing from their sump.

The owner immediately came back outside their house and stopped the valve.

I’m unsure how often I see such water wastage near my home. Every time I see it, I feel very bad.

In most situations, I cannot do anything apart from scolding such careless owners. I simply moving on with my work.

Please don’t do such a thing in your home.

At least implement a float valve to prevent water overflowing from the sump.

I don’t know why most owners don’t install float valves in their houses. If you are avoiding the float valve because it stops water before filling the sump because the water pipe is deep inside the sump, then I have a solution.

I haven’t prepared this guide yet.

In future, I will release this guide on how to automate the sump valve.

After extensive research on that topic, I came up with the finest and cheapest solution.

I implemented this system in my first house, and it worked like a charm without any issues.

This guide is not going to be cheap.

It costs way more than any other guide currently available. And you know what?

It will be worth it for the right user.

Imagine you never need to worry about closing or opening the sump pipe valve again…

And the good thing is, you can implement this solution even after your sump construction work is over.

You don’t need any special requirement to make this tech do its magic inside the sump.

How much will you be ready to invest in such a solution?

I will name this guide: Sump Automation or something similar. I’m not sure about the name right now.

If you are interested in such an automatic sump solution, keep watching my emails.

I will share it here once it’s ready.

Till that time, please don’t waste water 🙏 and checkout my other premium solutions visiting below link:


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