I Bought a Fake Angle Valve on Amazon

Today, we called our plumber to our house to discuss finishing our house plumbing fitting that we intentionally stopped for the past 10 months. 

Our plumber also visited our house today to give the list of plumbing items required for our house.

He gave a list of requirements. I note down all those items.

In that list, the Angle Valve is one such item.

In our building, we needed too many angle valves. In a local shop, it cost me around ₹2XX for each piece.

I checked on Amazon, and it was showing ₹105 per piece. Look wise, it was same. They also mentioned brass disc and all…

The only difference is Price.

I thought of giving it a try…

I doubted before I ordered. I checked the return policy. They did offer a full refund if we returned the product.

So, I ordered it on Amazon.

After a few days, I received the product. I opened the product and immediately felt it was a duplicate, which is not as described on the Amazon product listing page.

Outside, the Angle valve looks same… but I felt product weight is something wrong.

I wanted to test it.

So I broke one Angle valve and noticed it was not a Brass Disc. Instead it’s a cheap plastic disc.

After seeing the brass-coated plastic disc inside the valve, I packed it back and sent it back to Amazon, saying there was a product quality issue.

I got a refund as well.

New users cannot easily find these types of issues. They think the product is good by looking at the outside look.

Today, I opened the product page on Amazon, and noticed seller already stopped selling the item.

I looked at the review section…, and none pointed out the real problem with those angle valves.

The brass disc Angle valve is always heavier than the duplicate cheap angle value.

Don’t fall for such a scam online while ordering the product.

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