Flat or Round Rod for Handrail?

Now I’m back to Bangalore.

While I was in my village, I noticed in my friend’s house they are using Flat Rod for handrails.

I feel Flat rods are not good in terms of grip or holding experience….

I believe round rods feel much better when held than flat rods.

When I went to Mysore, I noticed similar flat rods used in handrails in one construction building.

After seeing the same thing at my friend’s house, I shared this small tip.

Maybe you may also consider flat rod thinking new design.

Before you decide:

Hold both rods and experience yourself. Go whichever you feel better.

Personally, I feel Round Rod is better.

My friend’s house also made some mistakes, which I shared in my Building Contractor Guide. I didn’t go inside their building… Only outside, I observed.

If you want to avoid such mistakes, you can learn more from my experience at:


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