While distributing our housewarming invitation card, we went to one of our relative’s houses. Who was staying in the rental property.

As soon as we saw the house, we were impressed.

It’s a brand new building… and that too for rental property. It was a very well-designed building.

We told the same to our relatives as well.

They told us we could not make this type of look to our house. No matter what we do…

Ya… I replied.

They told me this building was built on the Trunkey Construction project. The owner had paid around ₹1,70,000 per chadura to the builder.

I’m not sure about the terms and all… but it’s definitely a beautifully designed house.

The Woodwork and Vertified Tiles inside the house gave that look to the house.

Pro house sellers focus on the interior rather than the building quality. Checking building quality is not easily possible. But showing interior work is what sells the house.

The experience of the builder helps as well.

I shared some of my building construction experience and structuring contract tips in my building contractor guide.

There are a lot of hidden tips that help in framing contracts and construction tips inside the guide.

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