Since we offer digital products, there are no physical shipping costs or delays involved. Here’s how you’ll receive your purchases:

Delivery Method: All our digital products are delivered electronically via email.

Delivery Timeframe: Once your order is confirmed and payment is authorized, you will receive an email with download instructions and access to your digital product(s) within 3 business hours. This email will be sent to the address you provided during checkout.

Order Confirmation: You will receive a separate email confirmation immediately after placing your order. This email will contain your order details and a summary of your purchase.

Please Note:

In rare cases, due to technical issues, there may be a slight delay in receiving your download link. If you haven’t received your email within 3 business hours, please contact us here.

It’s important to ensure you enter a valid email address during checkout. We are not responsible for delivery failures due to incorrect email addresses provided by the customer.

Customer Support:

If you have any questions regarding our delivery policy or encounter any issues downloading your digital product, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. We’re here to help!

We hope this clarifies our delivery process for digital products. Happy shopping!