Don’t Choose this type of Water Level Controller

Yesterday I was checking product sales reports on website.

While checking, I noticed someone bought Robsync Unisync Tank Smart Device Fully Automatic Water Tank Level Controller (Wifi/Mobile App Based Automatic Water Tank Level Controllable from anywhere, anytime) Wired.

Which I never promoted anywhere.

Looks like some came to my water level controller guide article. Instead of buying Microtail Fully Automatic Water Level Controller with Dry Run Protection, which I mentioned in my article, they bought a more advanced, smart, and feature-rich water level controller unit.

I have no issues with that.

But the thing is… those so-called smart water level controllers don’t work for longer.

I created a smart water level monitoring IoT device to monitor my sump water level in my first home.

I tried every possible way to make it work, but those smart devices couldn’t last longer than a few months.

If you are interested in such IoT projects, check out my water level monitoring projects in Home Assistant and Blynk. Both codes are released as open source, so you can check out the code and use it if needed.

The reason why these projects don’t work is because of the SENSORS.

To monitor the water level inside the sump or water tank, they use “ultrasonic sensors.”

These sensors come in two variants — one is normal, and the other is waterproof.

Both do the same job. That is measuring distance. But the problem is that both sensors don’t perform in humid environments.

Even a waterproof one.

I guess I used to change those sensors almost every month to make it work. After doing that work for a few months, I’m tired of changing those sensors inside my sump.

At one point, I bought 10+ of those sensors to change them every month.

Instead of making my job easier, this smart home tech started wasting my time, energy, and money to implement such a system.

After changing those sensors for a few months… I decided enough was enough and removed that IoT devices from my SUMP.

After removing those setups, I felt relaxed.


If in case you are planning to install a smart water level controller in your home, remember a few things:

1) Smart water level controllers don’t last long due to the water level identifier sensors won’t work

2) You’ll lose your sleep fixing and making it work because sensors keep stopping working due to humidity

3) If you need to lose enough time, get one

4) You should frequently replace (almost monthly) those level detection sensors

You can also check out the question and answer section on the product page. Some users already mentioned the issues with the device.

I don’t recommend such smart water level controllers until some good waterproof sensors are available.

I’m a big IoT and automation lover. I don’t recommend such a setup for anyone.

I make more money by recommending that Smart water level controller than the normal/cheap one I recommend in my article.

I still don’t recommend such stuff just to make more money.

If you don’t need to monitor the water level and only need to turn on/off the motor through mobile using an internet connection, then you can buy such units. It works for that.

If you need an automated way to refill water to tank by checking the water level, then those smart devices don’t work.

So don’t waste your money and time buying them.

Instead, go and buy a normal water level controller unit. It does its job without any fancy features.

Check out my guide here if you need help installing a water level controller unit.

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