We were doing repainting work for our own house.

All inside work is done…

Only the front elevation painting work is pending.

We are trying to finish that front elevation painting work from last week onwards. But it’s not happening due to rain.

The problem with rain is…


Usually, it rains from 2 Pm onwards for a few hours.

For outside painting work, a minimum of 3 painters will do the job. If it rains just 2 hours… Here is how much it lose for us/owners.

Painting Cost = a Few thousand rupees

Labor cost = a few hours back work, waiting time till the rain was over, and after rain over also… painters tell wall is wet so painting is not recommended.

So almost half a day of laborer’s work is waste.

3/2=1.5 (3 persons half day work is 1.5)


If you think it’s the contractor’s loss… you’re mistaken. The loss is yours.

And whatever the paintwork is done, some of the work will get wasted due to rain.

You should assume that if it rains during outside painting, you will lose a minimum ₹1000 to ₹4000 per day based on the number of laborers working that day.

So Never do the outside painting work during rainy days.

It’s a costly mistake.

You can easily see daily weather reports on your mobile phones and avoid working outside if the rain is possible.

Waiting for the past 10 days

That’s why we have been waiting for the past 10 days to start the front elevation painting for our old building.

But it’s not happening due to rain.

Even if it rains for just a few minutes, it’s a big waste of materials and labor.

Not just that…

In painting, another thing you need to keep in mind is…

You cannot pause painting work for a longer period.

The reason is that all the paint will get dried soon if the box is already opened. If it’s not opened once, then it’s not an issue.

So if you start painting work during the rainy season… You need to be aware of all these things.

Don’t think yours is contract work; whatever the loss is, contractor loss. 

It doesn’t work like that in reality. If it’s LOSS, it’s yours.

Meanwhile, while working with contractors few things I recommend everyone to follow are discussed below guide: