A brick unloader vehicle came backside our house.

It’s a bigger vehicle.

While returning, the vehicle damaged another house drainage stone.

Immediately house owner’s wife and neighbour’s ladies gang came and did a spot inspection 🙂

The construction house owner’s son and vehicle driver were both where staying there. 

The owner’s wife called the owner’s son and told him in a good way about the damage.

Luckily they damaged official and good people’s house drainage stones.

The scene would be completely different if the same thing happened to the Problematic people’s house.

A big drama could have happened…

Scolding and fighting might have started…

Oh… and they blame the house owner and ask them to replace the damaged item.

A lot could have happened.

Fortunately, they are lucky because they damaged a good people’s house, not the problem owner.

While building the house, If space is congested, always order materials from smaller vehicles than the bigger ones.

Usually, the smaller vehicle may cost a little more than the bigger vehicle (10-wheelers).

I guess it’s still worth paying a little higher price if your site is in a congested area… and if it is difficult to bring a vehicle near your site.

The reason is…

Smaller vehicles bring less load materials, and operating on small roads is easy. So the chances of damaging neighbour’s stuff are slightly less than bigger vehicles.

It’s worth paying a little extra than fighting with the Problematic neighbour.

Only one exception you may need to consider is… buying cement with right supplier.