How Hollow Blocks Unloader Cheat

This incident happened today morning around 7 am near my home with someone else site. I was watching outside and noticed this incident.

Today it was raining outside.

Usually, that building owner monitors every time any delivery vehicle comes. But because it was raining outside.. he was not there on the spot while unloading Hollow Blocks.

Unloaded hollow blocks
Unloaded hollow blocks

So the unloader unloaded blocks and informed the owner on the phone, telling unloading was done while keeping around 50 to 100 blocks inside the vehicle.

I guess the owner informed them to leave. So unloader left the spot with 50 to 100 blocks inside the vehicle.

I saw all these activities from my building.

So what’s the loss for the owner?

Let’s assume 33rs per Hollow Blocks.


33*100= 3,300

So the owner just lost a minimum of ₹1,650 to ₹3,300.

That’s how people cheat if you are careless while constructing your house.

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