Engineer forget this Rainy Day Issue in his own building

A few days back, while I was writing the Rainy Days guide, I was collecting related images for a better explanation.

Our building images I already have.

I also tried to collect a few nearby building images who made similar mistakes in their house.

I took images differently.

I used Google Street Maps to take other building images.

The reason is, how could I go in front of another house and take photos?

I don’t feel comfortable doing that. So, I know tech. Instead of me going in front of another house, I simply used Google Street Maps and took images of the building from there.

While doing that, I noticed something strange.

Something wired.

I got to see one of the professional civil engineer’s houses near our house.

Did you know what…

He didn’t implement it at first.

Imagine a guy whose job from morning to evening is monitoring and guiding other users related to house construction stuff.

When he faced an issue while raining, he did a patchwork and implemented some alternative solutions.

You can identify that patchwork in the image if you zoom in and observe properly.

That image is shared in the guide (grey building).

If Engineers themselves make such mistakes in their building and fix them later, don’t you think common people will do such a thing?

Patchwork always costs more. Work also doesn’t look good.

That’s why I always recommend taking care in construction time itself.

This brings me to my guide, Rainy Days. I shared such simple concepts inside. Ideas may look simple at first…

Only users who practically miss implementing in their house know the cost of not doing such things.

We did it in the first building…

I know what it feels like not properly implementing. So, I wrote a guide on that topic.

If you are interested, you can access this and all other guides by subscribing to All Access Pass by visiting the link below.

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