My brother and I talked a few days back about How new labourers made smoothing finishing to wooden frames, which we didn’t know about earlier.

Until a few days back, we were unaware that painter’s task involves these things and that they can do those smooth finishing work for wooden frames.

Our 1st painting contractor stopped working on our building due to personal problems.

So we have to look for other painting contractors for our building.

And we got a new contractor.

For our old building, we discussed a deal like we pay labour expenses and an extra ₹25,000 for contractors for arranging labourers.

In this way, contractors don’t limit labourers’ work, and we can get good work from them.

Now here is the thing we learned.

Whatever the work these new labourers are doing, we didn’t even know that painters would do these things before.


It’s not just us…

We have a few other house owners (our dad’s friends) also visiting our house, but none of them pointed out those things.

We initially thought we knew everything about the painter’s task.

But in reality… we are not.

After all the painting work was over, we touched wooden surfaces like - window frames, door frames etc., it felt so smooth that we felt happy to touch that surface again and again.

The same finishing work is not done in our own old house itself.

But now, the finishing work is superb for the extended rental properties.

I just called my good painting labour on the phone and asked what all the steps they did to wooden frames to get smooth finishing.

He answered. Here they are…

1. 1 Coat Wood Primer

2. Double Coat Wooden Patti

3. Sand the Patti (Smooth it out with Sanding paper)

4. 1 Coat Paint

5. Do Touchup Patti if any holes are present after doing painting

6. Paint Touchup

These are all the steps performed by the new contractor.

In our old painting contractor, he did the following:

  1. Wood primer

  2. Patti to Holes filling

  3. 1 coat of Paint

The difference in output is BIG.

We can feel the difference by seeing and touching it.

After seeing the result, we requested the workers to do the same work for our own house.

They replied – “No sir, now it’s not possible.

If you still want to do it, we can.

We need to remove all the windows and the old Paint and do all these steps.

It will cost too much for you.

That time we understood.

We replied, “Ok. Leave it then.” 

So we couldn’t do that now even if we wanted to.

This happens if you don’t know what we are doing and think you know everything.

Although a few house owners are helping and guiding us… they are also unaware of those things.

Our bad luck.

I hope you learned something from this email.

Don’t assume like us…

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