Home Office Room Setup Tip

The day before yesterday, my Home office room woodwork was over. The House is full of woodwork dust.

Cleaning itself took one day.

You should know the problem if you plan to do any woodwork after entering the House.


In your home, if you plan to have a home office workstation, then one tip I can give is to have a dedicated ROOM for the workstation.

Especially if you work full-time from Home. If you occasionally work, then this may not be necessary.

I had my workstation set up in the bedroom in our first building. After entering the House, I realised my mistake of having a workstation in the bedroom and in the same House.

I could not work—lots of disturbance.

I cannot keep lights ON at night as others need to sleep. Suddenly my daughter wants to work Papetu (computer)…

Those kind of issue always be there.

After realising all these issues, I decided to have a separate room in our 2nd House.

It’s even better to have a separate house so you don’t get any disturbance from the daily activities inside the House.

One disadvantage you should keep in mind is… Taking Stairs again and again. You can take stairs now.. but after some age, it will be painful to go and come. So keep this point in mind.

For your information, I do my work full-time from my House itself. So I need to have a dedicated workstation.

If this is not the case for you, you can ignore having a dedicated workstation.

Like any other, I made some mistakes while building the office table. Because of some of my mistakes, instead of finishing the work in one day, they took 3 days to make changes that I requested one after another.

Thanks to our interior designer, who listened and made changes as requested.

Oh, one more thing…

In every House, there will be kids. Having a workstation can also help with a dedicated space for studies.

Keep future points in mind and plan what you need and what you don’t need before building your House. It helps a lot.

That’s all for today.

– Arun

PS: First-time home builders must read some beginner tips you need to keep in mind while building your House. I shared all those here: https://houseconstructionguide.com/products/ Read and avoid mistakes and save time and money.

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