After plan approval, you must make a water arrangement when ready to start constructing your dream house.

Water will be required in large quantities during the construction process.

In most cases, BBMP, BDA, Grama panchayath, etc., don’t supply water for construction buildings. You have to arrange water for yourself by taking it from the neighbors or a borewell on your own land, or you have to buy from the tanker water supply.

If you are constructing a small house, buying from the tanker water supply is better.

If there is a multi-storied building, preferably, you should have your own water supply arrangement. Because after completion of construction for the living purpose also, you will require a permanent water supply arrangement. Hence owning a borewell is the best option.

Borewell plays a very important role in the construction of a residential building. For drilling of borewell, there are certain steps to be followed.

Borewell Drilling Permission:

Do you know you cannot drill borewell without government permission (at least in Karnataka, I’m not sure about other states)?

Yes. Even I’m not aware of these legal issues.

These days the government made strict rules regarding borewell drilling in certain locations. Before drilling any borewell, you need permission from one of the below departments in Bangalore, Karnataka.

  • Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB)
  • Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP)
  • Office of The Senior Geologist
  • Municipal etc.,

The best way to get the right information is to contact the nearest borewell drilling agency and ask them about borewell drilling permission.

Most of the agencies will give information about the permission.

In our case, our site comes under the grama panchayat limit, and we are supposed to take the NOC letter from the grama panchayat and need to submit this letter to the below office details.

Office of The Senior Geologist,
District Ground Water Office,
Ground Water Directorate, 13th Floor,
V.V. Main Tower, Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Veedhi,
Bengaluru - 560001

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 080-22862108

Google Map Location: V.V. Main Tower

We tried to do this official process, but later we learned that it takes some time to get approval, and we don’t have that much time to wait. So we decided to drill the borewell without permission.

Borewell Drilling Without Permission:

In our case, our site comes under the grama panchayat limit. We discussed with the panchayath office regarding the borewell drilling process, and they informed us to discuss it with local members and tell them not to bring news to us.

As the officers informed us, if we know about drilling news, we must stop the drilling process.

We informed all members regarding the drilling process, and all supported us.

One more thing is, during our drilling time, members don’t have the power that time so we drilled our borewell during that time, and we didn’t face any issues.

When I spoke to the Borewell agency, they told me you might need to give some bribe to panchayat members, and it could cost around ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 like that.

In our case, we verbally informed to main leaders in our area, and they supported us, and we gave around ₹500 bribes to the local waterman.

Finally, we were able to drill the borewell without taking permission.

Borewell Point Marking:

Water dowsing, Hydrogeologist surveys, geologist surveys, coconut borewell point marking, and many other types of borewell point marking processes are available in the market. 

Scientific borewell point:

Scientific borewell drilling point identification is most of the time carried out by professional geologists. Service provider charges between Rs 8,000 to 15,000/ - per point based on the area, traveling distance, and the number of points to be marked.

The geologist will be allotted the charges and type of survey based on the particular area’s geological condition. The price will differ as per the technology adopted.

Coconut dowsing: (Commonly Used method)

This is one of the popular and cheap ways of marking borewell points.

Now assume we are walking on the site area/land area holding a coconut facing downwards that is less than the earth on our hand/palm and concentrating while walking as that coconut lifts the pointer part towards the sky and proves the underground water point.

The same process repeats in the opposite direction of the survey.

After multiple measurements, If the same fluctuation occurs at the same point, the target is marked for permanently selecting a bore well digging point.

Coconut dowsing charges:

A reputed dowsing professional based on experience and success ratio charges between Rs 1000/- to 3000/-

Borewell Drilling:

Normally surface drilling methods are adopted in the plot area. The drilling location is vacant and has enough space for the drilling rig to set the point. For the residence purpose, 4.5 inches, 6-inch, or 6.5-inch borewell is required.

Consult the driller with two or three firms to collect the quotation for drilling.

Compare rates on firms wise, finalize one among them, and then call for negotiation for drilling the borewell.

The drilling rig is been set exactly at the point marked by a bore well point identification expert.

Once the drilling rig is set in the point, the 6.5 inches bore well drilling work will start.

Once the hard rock formation encounters, the complete set of drilling rods, along with a hammer and 6.5-inch bit, is removed from the surface, and inserts the casing pipes to the bore well.

Casing pipes made of M S iron or PVC for a required grade of a thickness of 6-inch diameter is been installed into the bore well.

Once the water from the bore well is encountered, it will visibly run out from the drilled hole. Approximately drilling supervisor can estimate the amount of yield from the bore well.

In case the water is sufficient, the drilling process can be stopped if not can be continued until the drilling reaches the next source.

If the amount of water is high in the bore well cannot be processed further.

Borewell Motor Commissioning:

The depth of the bore well, diameter, and height of the building must be submitted to the motor supplier.

The supplier has to suggest the motor hp, stage of the pump, and cable size of the motor, then collect offers from different firms, compare the rates offered, and make a decision on which is suitable for our application.


There are so many types of pipes that are available in the market. GI pipes, cpvc, and PVC pipes are available in the market. Collect the offer and make a decision that is suitable for your application.


Buy lt/lk mk1 automatic dol starter for easy operation approximate cost Rs2000/- to 4000/-