Somewhere in his heart, he wanted to do this

Today, my brother’s daughter’s naming function was there…

For the past few days, he & our family have been searching a name for his daughter.

He doesn’t know about numerology and doesn’t follow much of it.

He knows how I kept my daughter and our house name by following numerology.

Even though I’m not an expert, I know a few things here and there and kept my name based on it.

Somewhere in the corner, he wanted to do the same thing.

But he is not asking me for a numerologically okay name for his daughter…

He kept searching some random names as per the letters suggested by astrologers.

Yesterday night, after having dinner, my dad asked me to give some good names to him.

My dad also doesn’t show much interest in numerology and all…

But he understands one thing. That is, by following numerology, they have nothing to lose.

So my dad asked me what are the good numbers for her…

And asked me to suggest numerologically okay names for my brother’s daughter.

I suggested good numbers based on the baby’s birth date. And started searching for names matching good numbers.

Now my bro, who kept quiet for the last few days…

He silently watched my suggested good numbers…

How I search names, and how I calculate name count by sitting behind me.

Today Early in the morning…

He is searching for names using my desktop and my name numerology calculator excel file.

He finalised the baby’s name in two hours. Which is astrologically and numerologically okay by himself.

If you also don’t know and want to follow best naming practice for your house name, baby name, etc.,

Then, use my Bulk Name Numerology Calculator.

I shared my Excel sheet and my process of finding good numbers there.

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