Fancy light for the hall

Fancy lights add a premium look to your brand-new house.

But before you buy, you should consider a few things…

This was a few years back incident. Our relatives constructed a brand new duplex house…

Like many, they are also interested in making little shiny for their new house. They bought a bigger fancy light for the hall (Chandelier).

It’s a costly light, for sure.

After a few years, it was not there in the hall when I visited again.

I asked where’s the light?

We throw it in the garbage vehicle.

“Why?” I asked.

“It isn’t easy to maintain. We are tired of Cleaning that light.” They replied. 

Those lights come with small pieces of glass, and cleaning them takes a lot of time. Moreover, cleaning on the height position is also difficult.

For us, cleaning the fan itself is a bigger task. Coming to the chandelier…

I never had any personal experience. I have seen some new houses have chandeliers in the hall.

If you want a chandelier in your house, install a Hook on the hall centre location during molding time.

We installed a Hook just in case we need it later… but are not planning to buy a chandelier.

Many new users forget to keep hooks during molding time. I discussed one more important location in the 4.55 section of the Building contractor guide.

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