House Construction Agreement Format in Kannada

Once the discussion with the building contractor is over and both are ready to sign the agreement, you might look for a house construction agreement format in Kannada.

If that is the case, then you are in the right place.

I will share the house construction agreement we signed with my building labour contractor.

You can see my agreement for reference purposes.

This agreement is for users looking to build their house using a labour contract.

House Construction Agreement Format In Kannada
Our House Construction Agreement In Kannada

If you are planning a material contract, this agreement won’t help you.

Usually, if you ask your building contractor, they will have a sample agreement ready with them. If you provide your details, they will prepare the agreement and bring it to you.

You just need to read and sign the agreement. 

But most of those agreements are designed to safeguard contractor interest.

Not owner interest.

I recommend reading my House Construction Tracking System and Building Contractor Guide before you finalize the contract terms and conditions.

I shared plenty of tips in my guide to help first-time house builders save money and headaches on contracts.

Anyway, below is my building agreement. And none of the tips I shared is executed in this agreement. Those are the lessons I learned later.

Download My Building Labour Contract Agreement Here

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