Today, we went to shop for curtain bracket holders for windows and doors.

We went to a nearby offline shop to choose the design.

The problem with offline shopping is you don’t have multiple design options. They have 4 to 5 fast-moving designs, and you must choose between them.

Within those designs, we picked one design and bought it.

After coming home, I checked on Amazon. Similar products are available at a much better price.

I didn’t obviously check the product physically. But the product listing page looks similar, and reviews are also great.

Price-wise, you will be paying a little more for offline shops than online shops.

If you plan to buy curtain brackets online, I recommend ordering as early as possible. Because when work starts in the building, you cannot wait till the product arrives.

If you got defective or unhappy with the product, you may need to return the product as well.

All these things take time. So order products before work starts.

One more important tip I recommend is…

Never ever choose curtain brackets with a washer system.

See the images below. We bought this in the first building, but not in the second building.

curtain bracket with washer

curtain bracket with washer opened

curtain bracket with washer in the rod

Washer system brackets work well in the beginning. Day by day, those washers will spoil. Once the washer is gone, your brackets won’t get tight and will shake.

Instead, buy without washer-type curtain brackets. The brackets which comes with L type of support.