When you are ready to start house construction, you will start searching for a good building or labour contractor for your house.

When you start enquiring about building contractors, you will be quoted different labour prices. Some contractors quote a little higher than other contractors for some reason.

I’m not going to talk about those things here.

Those important points are reserved for my upcoming Building Contractor Guide, where I share more details.

If you properly structure your deal with building contractors, you will save way more money. But most new people don’t know how to structure a deal with their labour contractor.

I will spell out all those details in my building contractor guide.


In this article, I will share the Building contractor labour price details we paid during our first and second building construction time.

I hope this article can motivate some users who have not yet started construction and keep postponing for one of the other reasons.

Our First Building started in December 2017 in Bangalore. Below is the labour cost we paid to our building contractor.

This details I got after digging some old books where my dad written it in a diary. 

1 chadura = ₹23,000 (Excluding compound wall & drainage)

Mason - ₹750

Male Helper - ₹450

Female Helper - ₹350

We started the Second Building in November 2020 in Bangalore. Below is the labour cost we paid to our building/labour contractor.

1 chadura = ₹30,000 (all included)

Mason - ₹950

Trainee Mason - ₹750

Male Helper - ₹600

Female Helper - ₹400

When we used our building contractor labours on October 2023 for some work we paid:

Mason - ₹1000

Male Helper - ₹650

Female Helper - ₹450

That’s the price we paid for Solid Concrete Blocks construction. For red brick, the price is a little bit more.

My house construction tracking system has a better approach than this old book-entry system. You can easily find any data.