We made some terrible mistakes (at least in my point of view) in our first building, something related to wall drop.

I came across that fact after few months of housewarming function. That, too, accidently.

When I compared our wall drop, out of 3 wall drop, only 1 wall drop is good. The rest 2 of them are not.

As for any mistakes, I realised this very late. Now, I cannot do anything about it apart from feeling bad.

I felt really bad when I learned this fact. 

Our engineer could have done something to alert us or guide us on this. But, he just did his job, whatever he was supposed to do.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

My dad and I made decisions based on what we felt good while building a wall. And did the construction work….

I informed all our family members of this mistake.

Their response….

They kept quiet for a few minutes.

After some time, they all asked, what about this wall drop? What about that wall drop?

They just know the result and simply continue watching their daily kannada TV serials.

I told my mistake to my brother and moved on.

I remembered this incident yesterday and decided to share it with All-access pass holders.

If you are also going to have Plywood Waldrop in your house, then I recommend reading this short mini-report. Once you read that, you will understand the importance of that concept and how it could affect your life.

In that report, I also shared 2 general bonus tips related to Walldrop. This tip could enlighten some users on how minor tips affect our use case.


If the wall construction work is not over yet, then this mini report could help you.

If interested, tap the link below to buy an All Access Pass.


P K Arun

PS: I’m trying something new for All Access Pass holders this time. I added a new section called “Download” to download the guides to your PC.

Currently, this new guide has been added to that section.

If all works out well, I will also add other guides so slow internet users can have a better reading experience.

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